About Us

Technological advances in the electronic industry continue to revolutionize communication and access to information like never before. With interactive boards, mobile devices, chrome books, tablets, apps and more, it’s evident that technology is very much an important part of our daily lives.

The problem is, lifestyle products available in the market are either cheap and poorly made, or overly expensive. But is that all there is? At Enter-Go, it became our mission to provide inspired solutions to this problem. We aim to inspire, guide, and motivate you beyond product benefits alone.

Our strategy lies in providing higher quality products designed by our team of talented engineers and designers. Our commitment to innovation make Enter-Go products distinct in design and quality. We operate on a “first to market” philosophy so we can bring our products to our consumers ahead of our competitors.

Each product has a purpose, offering a combination of intuitive function and striking form. Our millions of satisfied consumers worldwide made us a global leader across many product categories. We are at the forefront of electronic technology integration and system design, creating sophisticated, yet easy to use solutions.

At Enter-Go, we have revolutionized innovation with our extraordinary collection. Our wide range of products include mobile accessories such as Travel Chargers, Car Chargers, Charging Cables, and Wireless Chargers. Audio Accessories such as Headphones and Speakers, and other exciting digital gadgets and consumer electronics.

Enter-Go, your partner in innovation. Your trusted name in lifestyle technology.